IN-SCHOOL Programs

Tempe Christian Preschool has invited three community programs (Soccer Shots, Twinkle Toes, and Future Kiddie) to use our campus to enhance the learning environment of our young children. Parents/guardians are required to register and pay any applicable fees to the program directly and address concerns or complaints with the program directors.

Please note that your child never leaves our campus for a 3rd-Party Program. The 3rd-Party Program instructor will sign the child out off & back into TCPS care once the class is completed.

See TCPS Front Office for additional details or visit the program sites below.

Each class your child registers for is an additional fee.

TCPS is not affiliated with any of the 3rd-Party Programs, therefore, we cannot be responsible to collect monies for them.

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  • Twinkle toes

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  • future kiddie

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