ways to donate

Thank you to all of our families, supporters, and community who have always been generous to TCPS.  If you are interested in making a donation, here are a few ways to help. TCPS is a non-profit organization and we will happily provide you with a donation letter for tax purposes.  Please see the front desk at the school or contact an administrator.  

  • TCPS Amazon wish list

    From needs that benefit the whole school to art supplies to classroom specific needs, please visit TCPS's Amazon Wish List to help purchase items for the school.

  • TCPS-PAC School supply fund

    If you prefer to provide a monetary donation to be used to purchase general school supplies for TCPS, which will be used to buy all types of supplies from finger paint to furniture for the classrooms, please consider making a donation to the TCPS-PAC School Supplies Fund.  

  • tcps-pac staff hope grant fund

    The Parent Action Committee (PAC) created the Hope Grant, which is a grant provided to TCPS staff members who are seeking limited financial assistance to pay for specific bills or living expenses due to unforeseen financial hardship.  All donations to this Fund will be used exclusively to assist TCPS staff members.

  • tcps-pac fundraising project fund

    The Parent Action Committee (PAC) organizes fundraisers to be used for various projects at TCPS, such as the Playground Rejuvenation Project and the Playground Enhancement Project.  All donations to this Fund will be used to support PAC's fundraising projects.

  • tcps-pac general fund

    The Parent Action Committee's (PAC) mission is to enrich the experiences of all TCPS students, teachers, and families through community involvement.  PAC works closely with TCPS administrators to assist the school with monthly activities and fundraisers.  Donations to this Fund will be used to assist with costs in supporting TCPS events and fundraisers.