Teacher Appreciation Week
From Mon, Oct 7th at 6:30am to Fri, Oct 11th at 6pm
Tempe Christian Preschool 3929 S Rural Rd Tempe, AZ 85282

Parents are not expected to participate in the event for each day. These themes are a fun way to celebrate all of our staff however we encourage other creative ways to make our staff feel appreciated. Monday- Book Dedication Day: Have your child dedicate his/her favorite book to the teacher. It can be gently used or new. The dedicated book can have a simple message to the teacher on the inside cover and signed by your child. Tuesday- Breakfast Parfaits: Infant/Ones Yogurts/Greek Two’s: Fruits Threes: Sweet Toppings (crushed cookies and candy) Pre-K: dry toppings (raisins, granola). Wednesday- - Have your child say “Thank You” by bringing a FLOWER from your garden or otherwise. Flowers will be collected that day and placed in a vase (or similar) in their classroom displaying a beautiful bouquet! Thursday- Create a special note at a table or turn your notes in today! Find that teachers mail boxes in the lobby. Friday- Salad Bar Day INFANTS/ONES: Greens Two’s: Veggies and Cheeses Threes: Cooked cold Deli meat. Pre-K: Salad Dressings and Toppings