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We are partners with parents, working in the process of educating, nurturing and caring for as we empower children to develop their God-given gifts. Our goal at Tempe Christian Preschool is to build, within each child, a strong foundation in God's word and create a desire within their heart to joyfully serve the Lord.

We believe in a “whole child” approach to learning that focuses on meeting a child’s individual needs as well as supporting their development spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

We offer an academic and developmental curriculum that presents both structured and non-structured activities, affording the children a wide variety of hands-on learning opportunities throughout the day.


Tempe Christian Preschool is committed to the highest standards of a strong educational program designed to meet the individual needs of the child. We adhere and focus on the Arizona Early Learning Standards from Infants through preschool. We introduce learning objectives through play. Annual Curriculum Calendars will be given out during our Open House and our Parent-Teacher Conferences. These can also be requested at any time. Daily Activities and Lessons are shared with parents each day through our parent portal. We are privileged to share Biblical principles in our curriculum which is designed to direct children into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

God is the central force and focus of our early learning center. All aspects of our program include Him. Teachers and staff pray for direction in how to glorify Him in their teaching, conversations, and every-day life. God’s Word through the Bible is a part of every-day teaching at TCPS to set Biblical purpose statements, objectives, and foundation for all learning.


Families are to keep in mind that Tempe Christian Preschool is a Christian early learning center.  We are a ministry under Tempe Nazarene Church. What is appropriate in the secular world is not necessarily appropriate for our program. During the year you will notice that we do not allow certain things in our center. For instance, all movies that are shown here in our center need to be approved by the Director and must display good clean moral teachings. We celebrate Harvest and Thankfulness instead of Halloween. At Christmas, we celebrate Jesus Christ not Santa Claus. At Easter we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, and not the Easter Bunny. We teach the truth according to the Scriptures and welcome any questions you might have during the course of the year.